4 Awesome Life Hacks that Simplify Your Life and Help the Environment


As life becomes more busy and expensive, finding life hacks that make our lives more convenient is one of the best ways to make our time more efficient.  Here are four amazing life hacks we've found that not only make your life more convenient, but also help keep the environment clean!


1. Toilet Paper Rolling Up Your Cables

How to Make a Toilet Paper Cable Organizer: 6 Steps

 Instead of throwing away your toilet paper rolls, use them to help organize some clutter.  Whenever you're finished with a toilet paper roll, use the cardboard leftover to store your chargers and unused cables!  This not only looks nice and keeps everything organized, but it's also keeping those rolls from being thrown away.


2. Double Your Sandwich Bags for Snacks

Do you ever put snacks in a sandwich bag and feel like you don't need the entire bag?  Save money by doubling the bag!  Simply heat a knife with a lighter and cut the bag in half.  The hot knife will cauterize the side you cut, sealing it shut.  Now you have a smaller bag that's perfect for putting a small snack in, and you're reducing the amount of plastic being dumped into landfills!


3. Use a Lint Roller to Clean Your Lamp Shade

Dirty Lamp Shade?  Instead of using a chemical spray cleaner with harmful chemicals that go into the environment and dumped down the drain, use a lint roller.  It not only cleans lamp shades better, but it's safer for you and your family because you're not inhaling ammonia or any other fumes from chemical spray cleaners.  Speaking of chemicals...


4. Use Refillable Concentrates for Your Soaps and Cleaners

Plastic bottles are one of the most potent land and sea pollutants on earth.  Instead of throwing away your empty soap and cleaner bottles, order concentrates from companies like Sonoma County Soap.  They'll provide you with your initial soap bottles.  Then, once you run out, you can order refills that contain concentrates.  All you have to do is fill up the bottle with a small bit of the concentrate, and then mix it with water.  You can save a ton of money this way, and the best part is that Sonoma County Soap makes natural soap products that are healthy for you and aren't harmful to the environment!



What environmentally friendly life hacks do you use?  Let us know on our Facebook Page!